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Welcome to, home of the Quick Couponing Training Program.  Our site is designed to teach students how to save hundreds of dollars each month by using our smart and extreme couponing tips.  You will be able to put these skills to use immediately to rack up huge savings in your everyday shopping needs.


Please take a look around at our latest news, blog post and frequently asked questions (FAQ) to begin learning more about Quick Couponing and some of our smart couponing tips.  Then sign up immediately for one of our classes to start training and saving as soon as possible.


The Quick Couponing Training Program ©  was created by Pam Davis from Season 4 of TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  Visit the TLC website to watch past episodes and see her showcase her “extreme” but practical and smart money saving couponing skills.

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Extreme Couponing: Best
Secrets to Getting the Most Coupons?


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How much money can I save couponing?

The dollars add up quickly and you can save thousands   With Quick Couponing you can save a substantial amount […]

Quick Couponing Qualified Teacher

What qualifies you to teach me couponing?

Here’s my couponing resume ♦  Learn to coupon from the best   Learning to coupon from Pam Davis or any of […]


How to throw a stress free Super Bowl Party

Tips and Tricks that will help make Super Bowl Sunday much easier   1.  Prepare all the food ahead of […]

Quick Couponing and Craig Peterson

Jan 20, 2014

Interview: Tech Talk with Craig Peterson Balancing 7 Jobs and Extreme Couponing with Quick Couponing     DOWNLOAD/LINK TO FULL […]

What is Quick Couponing?

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the global leader in training, tools and techniques to teach working professionals how to gain massive saving on their monthly shopping expenses through the use of coupons. More...

Recent Successes

Recent Success is about sharing detailed information on personal shopping trips using techniques from the Quick Couponing Training Program ©. These are real results from real grocery and drug stores with real food (for not a lot of real money)! More...

Improvement Tips

In alignment with the mission, Quick Couponing is always working to bring members new information, training, tools and techniques to keep them ahead on their savings journey. More...

Training Programs

Quick Couponing will change the way you shop for food forever. The secret to the patent pending Quick Couponing Training Program is combining the critical elements used in "Extreme Couponing" with lean manufacturing principles. More...
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